Our Services

The Basics Cobb County welcomes organizations from across the county to join our movement. We work in close partnership with a diverse and growing coalition of organizations across the county to bring The Basics Principles to families through trusted messengers in the settings where they already spend time – from community health centers to child care centers to family support agencies. Read more about our Strategy here.

Our experienced program team provides organizational partners with training, tools, and coaching to embed support for practicing The Basics Principles into their routine interactions with parents and caregivers.

Our services include:

Training for program staff on The Basics Principles, our Multimedia Community Toolkit and Basics Insights text messaging program, and strengths-based family engagement practices

Implementation coaching. Co-creating implementation plans tailored to organizational and family needs.

Evaluation to support continuous improvement

Facilitating communities of practice

Basics Insights text messages

Reach Families with Basics Insights Text Messages

Support parents and caregivers with regular information and reminders about applying The Basics Principles.

Basics Insights sends twice-weekly messages with science-based facts and caregiving tips. Messages are targeted to each child’s age, covering the period from birth to age five. Messages are available in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese, via SMS text message or WhatsApp, with additional languages forthcoming.

Organizations that register for Basics Insights are provided with a unique sign-up page where families can enroll, an online dashboard with real-time data, and access to a range of promotional materials. Thanks to our generous supporters, we are making this service available at no cost to Cobb County organizations to provide to the families they serve. Contact us to learn more about how to get started.

I do talk about The Basics. I’m always telling (my sisters) I get text message reminders. It’s nice to get a reminder twice a week with a cool fact and a good activity or recommendation. It’s never, “Go out and buy this.” It’s always using staff you have around your house and nature stuff.

I don’t know what I would do without Basics Insights. It’s amazing to be reminded about simple things that your kids can really enjoy and learn from which is the most important thing.

Brenda, mom

Boston, MA